Tuesday, December 29, 2009

sick but not slowing down

last night i went to bed with a sore throat. this morning i woke up and it was even worse.
swallowing fire in never a fun way to start the day, especially since this is the way Curtis' strep throat started on Christmas Eve.

i am not usually quick to go to the doctor. but in this case, i figure it's better to be safe than sorry, and have made myself an appointment for 2pm this afternoon. i am headach-ey (which isn't unusual for me), my throat is burning and my body is kind of sore as well (but that could also be atributed to the fact that i did an hour of Kenpo yesterday). Either way, i'm feeling under the weather, but it hasn't stopped me from getting stuff done.

As i type, i have a pot of split pea soup on the stove. My mom gave me her ham bone from Christmas dinner and i took that as a great opportunity to spice up some split pea goodness.

I also took all the leftover roasted cauliflower i had and made a small pot of cauliflower soup. i am looking forward to indulging in homemade soups until my throat cools down.

and lastly, as i get some work done from the comforts of my couch, i also continue the "quick cabled neck warmer" that i started knitting on Christmas Eve...yes, that is cable knitting you see, i am proud to boast that i taugh myself how to cable knit last week and eagerly anticipate all of the cabled patterns that are now available for my knitting consumption! (sidenote: learning to cable knit was on my 2010 goal/resolutions list - but i guess i'm just anxious to start a new year)

i took these pictures last week when i had just begun the little scarf - it is now over a foot long and is nearly finished (i'm just too lathargic today to take more photos). And if the color/yarn looks familiar, i'm knitting it out of the extra yarn from my last sweater project.

i hope everyone's enjoying this week between Christmas and New Years...i'm hoping i'll be back to my somewhat-healthy-old-self soon so i can put the finishing touches on my holiday to do list (which i must say i'm slowly but surely accomplishing) and finish writing my 2010 new year's goal list which i hope to share later this week.

until then...





Brin said...

Hi Jess,

A friend was googling me today (weird, I know. I told her that), and she sent me to your blog. I like you! :)

May I ask: what is this pattern? I want to make this neck warmer, too!

Hope you're well!

Jess said...

hi brin,
that is weird on both fronts actually! but i'm so glad you stopped by - i have enjoyed your blog so much - have been so encouraged and inspired...hope you don't mind that i've quoted you from time to time :) here's the link to the cowl pattern on ravelry - so easy!


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