Tuesday, December 15, 2009

more wisdom from brin

Still reading through the archives over at {My Messy, Thrilling Life}.

Brin writes:

God only knows where you are, but I suppose I write all this to say this: we aren't meant to understand. We're meant to believe. Faith is daring ourselves to go where our eyes can't see. And we can't expect understanding to come easy here... here in this land of the living. But God... our loving Father... He holds our lives. He holds it all. Before we ask our questions He has our answers. Before we word our prayers He's heard our cries. And as we drift over our deep, deep seas of emotion or grief or doubt or difficulties, He sees our seas and knows the paths He's buried in them.

{see her post here}.

I find it fascinating that something written at another time can resonate with me so fully exactly where I am tonight.


That’s what that is.


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