Sunday, December 13, 2009

linger and learn


A few days ago my friend {Kate} recommended a new blog to me and I’ve enjoyed it so much that I thought I would share.

It’s called {My Messy, Thrilling Life}

It has all of my favorite things - beautiful photographs, honesty and a ton of great quotes to scribble into my quote book.

She just has a simple way of putting things that makes you feel like there’s someone else out there like you.

I have been going through the archives and find myself continuing to read further and further back.

Today I arrived at {this post} that she wrote on May 7, 2008, titled, “The Beauty of In Between (Or, Into the Day).

She writes about how she was given the name of a christian counselor by a friend…I’m still not aware of the whole story, but I do know, by this point she has already been through a messy divorce, this is what she writes:

You know where you are now, right? he asked.

No, I said. I have no idea. I clenched my fists into tight bone balls and tried not to spill any tears.

You're in between.

I'm sorry? I'm where? My heart pounded.

In between, he repeated. You are not where you've been but not yet where you're intended. You are in between.

I glared at him. And what... what the crap am I supposed to do there?

He smiled sympathetically. Linger, he replied. Linger where God has you. Linger and learn.

I paused.

Advice for me today as well…

And maybe for you.


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