Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i don't take smoke breaks, so i'm entitled to a blog break every once in a while...

Today is my last day of work, for the next six days…{hence the lack of focus and a mid-morning blog post}

I then have another two day work week next week before another extended four-day weekend.

I am besides myself with anticipation, I just can't take it.

I haven't had six days in a row off since we vacationed in Florida almost a year and a half ago.

Kind of depressing to think about, but now, I am simply giddy with the possibilities of all I can do and accomplish with six days at home.


My Christmas shopping is already done, gifts are wrapped, cookies have been baked, a trip to the grocery store has been made.

I have set myself up to enjoy this week {albeit, without my husband, who has to work every day besides Christmas and New Year's Day}


I will use this time to:


clean the house from top to bottom

block {my sweater}

knit the last rows of my last Christmas gift

have a special lunch with some special sisters

finish {this book} and {this one} too

write in my journal

run around town with my mom

unwrap my 2010 etsy calendar

read Vogue from cover to cover

finish reading the Old Testament

wander a bookstore

start a new knitting project

add P90X to my morning routine

clean out my closet

look back on 2009 with fondness

prepare myself for a fresh new year



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