Monday, December 14, 2009

coffee and clementines


…my breakfast this morning…

possibly my favorite thing about winter, besides knitting and soup and Christmas, are the clementines.

And I take full advantage and then by the wooden boxful.

The sweet smell of citrus reminding me that all is not lost in winter.

This morning the air was pleasant.

The wind was not blowing hard like last week as I made my way through the streets before dawn.

There was no thin layer of snow, blowing in circles and swirls across the footprintless pavement.

There were no twisters of silver in moonlight, spinning white records across the streets and sidewalks.

Last week was cold, but lovely – like a dream, but today the chill is barely in the air and I can breathe without gasping in the icicle air.

This week looks like rain, while last looked of snow.

I prefer wet and warm over cold and frozen any day.

But give me coffee and clementines in the morning and I’m set.


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