Friday, November 20, 2009

unwind just to wind back up again


This week I haven’t even had a chance to breathe. Okay, I’m being overly dramatic, but seriously…I haven’t cooked one meal, haven’t done one load of laundry, haven’t loaded one dish into the dishwasher…work has gotten the best of me and now I raise my little white flag and thank God for the weekend.

Unfortunately the weekend will probably be just as busy as the week. I will be catching up with everything I meant to do this week and more. I’ve got bills to pay, laundry to finish {thanks dear for starting on it}, dishes to do and stuff to prepare for next week’s Thanksgiving festivities.

See, this year we’re celebrating Christmas early with Curtis’ side of the family. Because we won’t be together on December 25th, we decided to celebrate early this year, hence the mad scramble to purchase, wrap and prepare for Thursday. I’ve gotten most of the shopping done already, but there are a few loose ends. I think there will be no rest for the weary this weekend.

Add to that a much needed trip to Target and the grocery store, an attempt at making my own Christmas cards, a company bowling party on Saturday night for Curtis’ work and a lunch with the pastor {and his family} at the new church we've been going to, it should be an action-packed weekend that's for sure...

I’m getting tired just thinking about it

so tonight, i put on sweats the minute i walk through the door {well, that's not entirely true, i do wait to change until getting up to my bedroom}, catch up on our Thursday night shows, spend time with family and unwind.

unwind, just to wind back up again


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