Tuesday, November 24, 2009

things i'm thankful for, part two


As I mentioned in my last post {and many of the posts that came before} - we don’t always get what we want, right when we want it.

The lesson is still being learned, but for the lesson, today I am thankful.

We are walking a dusty, well-traveled road, I am coming to learn. We are learning ancient lessons, from Abraham’s wife in the Old Testament to new stories from new friends. Our story is not unique, or new or special… {well, maybe special, because it’s ours, and I’m possibly biased}

We are learning patience and faith and how to hope for something without holding onto it too tight, in that white-knuckled way that so often grips with a feeling of fear and lack of control.

We have let our grasp slip. Not our longing, but our one-dimensional mindset that says that thankfulness can only come when you get what you want.

Because we are still waiting but in the midst of it, still filled with thankfulness.


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