Friday, November 6, 2009

I do have it pretty good, I guess…


There are some days, usually Sunday evenings, for example, that the inevitable occurs,

And I remember that the next day is a Monday and I let out my weekly groan.

Then I usually turn to Curtis and whine, "I just had my Sunday night blues."


Whether it hits me at 2 pm or 11 pm, its occurrence is a staple in my Sunday routine.


I think this is pretty typical for most people that work a dawn till dusk job {sidenote: the time change has been kicking my butt this week}


But sometimes I think I've got it worse than most.


I dream about working from home,

And on the rare day that I am able to {usually due to a migraine} I savor every peaceful minute of the day.


But last night, as I arrived home from a "supper club" event with some work friends and my man {and some of their men} I am reminded that I have it pretty good.


I enjoy my co-workers.

I enjoy their company {most of the time} inside and outside of work.

We have fun together.

Our significant others even have fun together.

That is something I haven't had at many previous jobs.


Yes, there have been a few.


But you have to understand, we spend a lot of time together {I regularly spend much more time with them throughout the week then I do with my own husband}.


We are like family.

We joke like family.

Laugh like family

Roll eyes like children.

Bicker like siblings.

And work like dogs {the family dog}


And last night we cried together.


And even after 40 + hours spent together most weeks, we still enjoy leaving work a few minutes early to grab a table and a few pomegranate-ginger mojitos to get to spend more time together, laughing and bickering and joking and rolling eyes…and yes, even tearing up a time or two.


So, this coming Sunday night, when I'm about to turn to Curtis and complain about the impending Monday morning, I will try to curb my whining and remember, I really do have it pretty good.


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