Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another Twitter post - geez...

Another Twitter post – geez…

John Piper has really been challenging me lately, with his "tweets"

This was one of his most recent:


Piper goes on for ten minutes about why he abominates the prosperity gospel. Doesn't he know how rich he is?


The tiny URL takes you to a short video of Piper speaking on the topic, "Why I Abominate the Prosperity Gospel."

A powerful argument against the idea that God's favor = monetary wealth.

I would encourage you to take ten minutes to listen. The impact goes far beyond ourselves, but to the impact of messages like these being spread around the world. To the poor, to the hungry, to those who are often more suseptible to untruths like these.

It challenged my heart and my desire for financial stability, for a worry-free future, for more stuff.

It seems like a timely challenge as we enter into the holidays.

My desire was to guard my heart from the greed that so easily consumes this time of year. Today this small reminder has helped me to remember. 


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