Thursday, October 29, 2009

thursday morning coffee date

cafe latte 2

My cheeks are flushed.

I woke up before my earlier-than-usually-set alarm

got ready slowly

had ten minutes left to sit for a quiet moment in the kitchen

eating a small bowl of special k with those dried strawberries hidden like treasures

let them soak in the milk for a while – they aren't so bad.

I ate slowly at the butcher block island, perched on a kitchen stool like a castaway

surrounded by my purse and lunch and laptop bag and bible

ready for Thursday

a day that started an hour earlier than normal

for an early morning coffee date

a dear friend and me

I drove in silence to our sunrise spot

sounds romantic, but she's a she and our spot is only Phoenix on Lee

(sounds poetic when you put it like that)

I turned the handle on the meter

a free half an hour.

slid a quarter in,

an hour should do just fine,

then thought better of it and

slid in another quarter just to be safe.

The smell of coffee at 7am reminded me how tired I was as I ordered an iced coffee

Stirred in some milk and sunk into the couch to wait

and while I sipped my coffee she came and we talked and I woke up

whether it was the caffeine or not, I am not so sure, but hours later, my cheeks are still flushed with life and love and thoughts on hope and friendship and grace.

blood beats through our veins and we are living

and it is a good day to be alive. and all is not right, but all is well, and just as it should be.


Kate said...

a lovely way to start the glad you had some quarters with you! ha!

Jess said...

rare, i know - now i'm out again! :(

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