Friday, October 30, 2009

Thank God for Twitter...yeah, you heard that right.

backyard blogging

Yes I am on twitter {jess999} for anyone who cares.

I am not on it often, I barely ever post actually. I do, however, enjoy following an array of interesting people on twitter.

One person I follow is John Piper – one of my favorite pastors and Christian authors.
He has an interesting take on the whole twitter phenomenon from the viewpoint of a Christian.
He wrote an article entitled, {Why and How Am I Tweeting?}

In it, he clearly explains himself. His argument for Twitter and other such “distractions” is powerful. I believe it can also be carried over into other parts of our lives.

On John Piper’s twitter account today {JohnPiper} for anyone who’s wondering, he wrote

God does not go / From here to there by shortest routes; / He makes a place for faith and doubts

I am not sure if he wrote it or if he quoted from someone else, but it made me pause.

And think.

And then pause again.

And today I can honestly say, thank God for Twitter.


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