Thursday, October 15, 2009

a seamless marriage


Today I read {this essay} by one of my favorite bloggers. christina sbarro, author of the blog {mytopography}

Although we do not yet share the bond of child rearing, this essay - on the balance between motherhood and writing is something I think about often - too often perhaps.

In the essay, she put words to my fears and a light in the deep place I knew existed - of hope.

For the belief that these two things can coexist.

That they can actually create a beautiful marriage.

A seamless mingling.

It was also a needed reminder that days, and more often nights, can be squandered,

unwittingly filling my hours with shows and sites and distractions because “there will always be tomorrow.”

But in my patient wait for offspring, these are the things I lock away and store like treasures in the secret places for my future.


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