Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the picture of productivity


Whew. This past weekend was a busy one.

On Sunday afternoon I changed my Facebook status to say, “picture of productivity” as I sat in the kitchen watching a corned beef slow cook in the crock pot.

Humble, perhaps not, but I was proud of my accomplishments for the weekend, especially given the most glorious autumn weather one could hope for.

Saturday morning started out early {7am} with a large cup of coffee that brought with it energy enough to conquer the world {or our house to be more specific}. Before the caffeine wore off {and before I had eaten breakfast} we decided to clean the entire house top to bottom. I started on the floors, Curtis started with the feather duster {oh so sexy to see a man with a feather duster – and oh so masculine!} He then followed behind me, mopping after my sweeping, which led us around the house in a type of follow-the-leader game. I swept, he mopped. Then he started on his guestroom/office/closet as I started on the bathroom, and then the kitchen {if you’ve ever seen his spare bedroom, you’d understand the holdup}

Eventually I found myself back to meet him in the "red bedroom" where he was still cleaning and organizing and putting away clothing. The caffeine was still going full force, so I began on his desk. I threw away trash – gum wrappers, lint roller papers, old receipts. I put loose change in a jar, gathered all the pens into a little container and made a stack of random papers an inch thick.

Then I sat on the ground with the stack on my lap and read them to him one-by-one as he folded clothes. {I have learned that this is the only way to eliminate piles of loose papers}. So I sat and read, and eventually we had only a few left for further review. And soon after that, we had a house that smelled of windex and swiffer sweeper solution. It was glorious.

Sunday morning left us running late for church due to a clogged tub. So, as Curtis worked to fix the dilemma, {which ended in skipping church altogether}, I decided to pull up all of my summer flowers that were slowly dying in the front garden beds.

Four hours and a thousand twitching muscles later, I had pulled up all the flowers, weeded the beds for the winter and raked the front yard of all its leaves. It was only until three fourths of the way through that Curtis pulled in the driveway {from a necessary trip to Home Depot} to let me know that he had {much to my surprise} a leaf blower.

So I laid down my rake and finished the front yard and driveway with the leaf blower. Traded my sore legs {from squatting the garden} and sore back {from raking} for twitching arm muscles from the constant vibrations of the leaf blower.

By the time I was done the shower was unclogged {God bless him for pulling out wads of my hair from the drain} and I could rinse off the dirt of my morning while soaking every muscle in the hot shower.

Curtis then started on some schoolwork and I took my first trip to Aldi {if you’ve never been – Go! It was fabulous, if you don’t mind buying generic, which I do not} I got probably $200 in groceries for a whopping $110!

After unpacking my loot, I decided to slow cook my first corned beef {that was extremely cheap at Aldi). Took a while, and ended up not eating it for dinner, but it’s in the fridge, with some potatoes and cooked carrots for dinner later this week.

By the time I sat down Sunday night I was exhausted {still am today, two days later, actually – and my muscles hurt more today than they did yesterday} but it was a good weekend…and I am not ashamed to say that I really was the picture of productivity this weekend.

I wish every weekend could be so productive.


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