Saturday, October 3, 2009

the HTML saga


so...last night i started messing with the HTML on my blog. i know i should really leave this to the professionals, but at this point, i'm more fluent in the language of source code than my husband, i do work at an interactive marketing company gosh darn it...but from past experiences, this process of blog-tinkering usually ends with sweat and frustration.

after doing some googling and even more reading i began to do some adjustments
and thought i got it. problem was, i was on my work laptop that has a
significantly larger screen than my little mac.
needless to say, when i opened up my blog on my mac, it was a bit too large,
making me have to scroll over to read the entire post.

so, here's my question to you - how are you reading my blog?
if you're using google reader the formatting should be fine,
but for those of you that happen to come to my actual blog,
is it being cut off or is your screen big enough for my new layout and picture sizes???

your feedback is much appreciated.

*editor's note: Thanks to some helpful comments, i have reconfigured some code and although i won't be able to post gigantic pictures, i have spared everyone from the dreaded scroll-over're welcome!


mhodgson said...

Hey Jess,

I usually read the blog in a news reader, but I did check out the new layout. I think you will probably find that it is a bit too wide for people. A TON of people still run a 1024 width resolution on their screens (over 30% of visitors to, so they would see side scrolls on their screens. The best layout width to make sure you can accommodate everyone is about 960px. This allows people on 1024px width screens to see the full width, even accounting for the width of the vertical scroll bar and the sides of the window.

Hope this helps!


P.S. If you ever need HTML help just let me know!

Marisa said...

I'm viewing on my small-ish laptop - and I have to scroll over to the right to see everything. Also, your background is basically all white now (not sure if that is what you were going for?) versus the gray pattern that you used to have.

I like the larger size photos, except sometimes I think it lessens the impact of a photo when it is so big that I have to scroll down to see the whole thing. It makes it feel like I'm viewing it in pieces - does that make sense?

Hope that helps!

Jess said...

thanks friends -
problem solved...i think -
it's pretty much back to it's old self...sigh.
no big pictures for me until i get a bit more HTML savvy

mhodgson said...


I recommend Lightbox ( you want to have big images but still maintain a reasonable page width. If you want help setting it up let me know...


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