Wednesday, October 21, 2009

he's probably right, you know, he often is


“We have been watching too much t.v.” He said to me while brushing his teeth last night.

“oh common,” I replied, defensively.

But he’s probably right, you know, as he often is.

Last night we watched an episode of House and then an episode of Mad Men. Two hours of back-to-back drama. Good back-to-back drama.

Yeah, he’s probably right. We have been watching a lot of t.v.

I think it started when I got sick a couple of weeks ago. All I could do was lay on the couch many nights and cough and flip through the channels, turning the volume up loud enough to hear it over my hacking.

Then I got better and he got sick.

Now I sit with him, as he lays listless in sweats under a blanket, the dog curled up in the bend of his knees.

But the thing is, we’ve finally found a few shows that we both enjoy. Usually it’s him uninterested as I watch So You Think You Can Dance, or me surfing the web as he watches something on the history channel or worse, some kind of science channel.

But now we’ve found a couple shows that please us both, and we bond in the watching of them together.

I’ll admit, there’s nothing better than crawling in bed early on a Sunday night and watching Mad Men together on his laptop, under quilts and covers, with heads propped up on pillows.

I guess we could be reading, separate books with separate book lights, but as the weather turns cooler, this seems to be our first choice. Something we can do together as our busy days come to a close and we are attempting to unwind. Together.

Maybe we are watching too much t.v.


CitricSugar said...

Finding a simple joy that can be shared with your partner is wonderful thing.

And the way you ended this post made me smile.

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