Thursday, October 15, 2009

{a blur}


the past week has been a bit of a blur –

between work + the home responsibilities that so easily pile up

and some sort of cold/virus that my body has been battling {and losing}

my attention to my blog has wavered.

but last night thanks to the dehumidifier and three pillows under my head to keep me propped up,

I slept as soundly as I can {which is not very, but better than I have been} and actually felt rested today

{hence the blog post}.

ideas have been swirling in this congested head of mine

and I spent the day trying to focus my attention on work,

as I furiously scribbled notes to myself to consider later.

so tonight, I sit and think, in the best way I know how –

with pen and paper

and hope nothing was forgotten during the lost hours of my day

{between 8 and 5}.


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