Tuesday, October 20, 2009

advice worth repeating


I received some very good advice today from a dear friend.

I was explaining about the business of my week to her.

How my nights so easily get booked up and before I know it, I am looking ahead to a week where I am not at home on any night of the week.

They are all good things – these commitments on my calendar, but they take their toll and before they even happen, I am overwhelmed and exhausted.

I do not do well with weeks like this.

Laundry begins to pile up. So do bills, and dishes and everything else that gets pushed back and back, until the weekend arrives.

I do not enjoy weekends spent doing laundry and dishes.

I would much rather run errands and clean the house after work than do it all on the weekends. Some people are just the opposite, but for me, if we only get two days together a week, I want to make them count.

So that is where my dilemma lies this week. So I told her some of this and this is what the end of her email said:

Take one moment at a time...they are all good… just not all at once.

It was the advice I needed to hear this afternoon. And you know what – due to some uncontrollable circumstances, our plans for tonight got cancelled. And although they were plans that I was looking forward to, I cannot help but breathe a sigh of relief at the fact that tonight can be a low-key night. A night to put on sweats the moment I walk through the door. To reheat the turkey chili I made last night and revel in a night of no cooking, to throw a load of laundry in the washing machine in my slippers and to blog on the couch in front of our new fireplace.

Tonight I am taking her advice, I am taking one moment at a time. They are all good, just not all at once.


Kate said...

definitely advice i needed to hear today! you have smart friends!

Jess said...

that i do, that i do :)

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