Friday, October 9, 2009

300th post and a cold {not for the faint of heart}

I wish i had something better to write about for my 300th post.

But I've been fighting a killer cold the last few days, and today found me home from work with boxes of kleenex and sudafed surrounding me.

The hub had already planned a vacation day to do some projects around the house, so as he took a hot shower, I sat on the toilet to try to steam the phlegm from my body. It didn't work, and left me wheezing and coughing and opening doors and windows in an effort to force some cold air into my lungs.

Then he thought it would be a good idea to use the netti pot to clear out my sinuses. He stood watching me in the kitchen as I mixed the salt water and leaned over the sink. The first nostril was a little clogged, but as the lukewarm water made its way up and through the nasal cavity, it unclogged and drained out the other side.

So, I flipped sides, put the spout in the other nostril and started to tip the pot. The water immediately started draining through to the other side. A good sign. A good sign, that is, until I saw a thin stream of red. I put the netti pot down and grabbed a kleenex to stop the blood flow. Curtis got a glimpse and had to sit down. The sight of blood makes him lightheaded. I stood over the sink, swapping clean kleenex for the saturated nose plugs and eventually had to run up to the bathroom for a roll of toilet paper.

It lasted about 15 minutes and left me feeling dizzy and a bit queezy. And unfortunately my head still feels like it's full of helium. But i must admit, being home sick with the Mr. is a quite enjoyable way to spend a sickday.

Plus, I do love to watch him as he strips and repaints our new front door, because he didn't listen to me when I told him he should prime it first. He's slowly learning that I actually do know what I'm talking about.

Now, for those of you who have never used a netti pot, here are some photos of Curtis using it...too funny to pass up!


Walking in the rain said...

i always wondered how that's quite disgusting! not something i think i'll try this season :) hope you feel better!

Jess said...

...can't say it helped too much - still hacking my head off, like 3 weeks later...oy

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