Thursday, September 3, 2009

Today, these are the reasons I love September, Thursday edition.

boots on grass, originally uploaded by jpenick999.

flipping the calendar page to my favorite month
thick cozy sweaters and bulky scarves
skinny jeans tucked into boots
journals and chapstick tucked inside of leather bags
the crisp and crunch of leaves underfoot
hounds-tooth and wool and brown and maroon
a list of books to read bedside under down comforters
mugs of warm drinks at night to keep hands warm
socks and slippers and sweats
sleeping with the window open and burrowing under covers
apple picking, apple cider, apple sauce, apple pie
simmering soup and bread for sustenance
the slow, deliberate mood of a new season
hankering down for winter’s approach
savoring every mild day before the first frost


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