Friday, August 14, 2009


August 14, 2003

This week we celebrate our six year anniversary of being a couple.
Although we’ve been married for over three years already, this special day still holds a soft place in my heart.

I remember the day like it was yesterday.
We had been friends for a while. For years.
I had left for Africa – no feelings, no attachments.
He watched me go – no feelings on his side either.

There I lived for 7 months. His feelings began to sprout.
He came to visit. My feelings began to grow – slowly.
He came home. He called me. I came home. Feelings grew.

I had recently returned home. Still without a job we spent his off hours at the lake –
Laying out, taking walks, talking, listening to Mae as we drove through summer with the windows down.

Then one afternoon, walking along the beach he grabbed me and pulled me close. Feet in water, I felt that tingle of excitement
Our eyes met and a kiss was inevitable. Our eyes were locked, but we both pulled away. We nervously laughed and kept on walking.

After the beach we returned to his house, the house where his parents made their home in Cleveland.
as usual, we retreated to his attic room to hang out, talk and lounge.
But this afternoon we talked of feelings, of commitment, of us.
I was nervous. Scared of these feelings that had grown over time.
But in the end we decided to try. Try our hand at love and dating our best friend.

And that’s when it happened. He leaned toward me and kissed me.
Not a best friend peck – but a meaningful, heavy kiss – in which he told me all the things he’d been holding back.
And needless to say – I kissed him back.

I could say the rest is history – but that really isn’t the case.
We are now happily husband and wife.
This story is our past. Our future. Our here and now.

*one thing Curtis would kill me if I left out is that mere minutes after that first kiss the power went out.
It was the summer whiteout of 2003 – where power was down all through the East for days.
We believe that kiss shattered power lines for miles.

**this photo is the first photo ever taken of us together {to my knowledge}
location: Uganda, East Africa (summer 2003)


~shannon~ said...

i love that story!
like really love it!

power out and everything! :)

happy togetherversary!

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