Tuesday, August 25, 2009

summer wardrobe

This summer it has been unusually cool for Cleveland (global warming what?!) but I’m not complaining.

Although my favorite time of the year is autumn, summer is a close second with its bare feet, patio dinners and late nights lingering under moonlight in the backyard. However, unless I’m on a beach, or laying out at the pool (which I have only gotten to do twice this summer) I do not really enjoy the hot hot heat and 100% humidity that usually rides on Spring’s coat tails.

So this summer suits me just fine – the average temperature has been in the high 60’s/ low 70’s which is wonderful weather for bbq’s and using windows instead of air conditioners. It is also the perfect weather for my summer wardrobe. On any given weekend or after 5pm, you will most likely see me wearing this – my uniform for summer ’09:

ripped, slouchy boyfriend jeans

soft, warn-in heather-grey v-neck t-shirts

oversized cardigan

metallic sandals

a couple of intertwined long necklaces

one big ring

shrimp or grass green-colored summer scarf

messy, wavy just-rolled-out-of-bed-hair,

lipgloss, bronzer and mascara

and my favorite yellow bag with my cannon camera tucked inside

*the photo above is of me and my friend lovely friend Kate from our weekend spent at their house in Dayton this past weekend - in the stroller sits their new boy - Matthios - aka my new best friend!


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