Friday, August 7, 2009


my heart feels heavy tonight

like I am deep in gestation

my body, however, I promise, is not.

I am in the cocoon of pondering at the moment.

from the outside, stillness,

from within, growth and thoughts and words that have begun to spin and spiral.

I am not one for metaphors.

a web






but I am lost in metaphors at the moment

in thought.

I have no words

today they fail,

they are not enough

to explain the motion I feel from within.

something has begun in me and words fall flat in an effort to explain.

inspiration is nearing and I wait

letting words come in their own time.

I am the womb, the spider the caterpillar the bird

Waiting for the moment, when the time is right.

I am not one for metaphors.


Curtis said...

you are such a beautiful writer babe. you bring me to tears every time i read your posts. i'm so proud to be your husband.

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