Sunday, August 16, 2009

good day

today was a good day.

it started with a test drive of a new church of which we knew as soon as we walked in that it wasn't "the one"
halfway through the second song, i nonchalantly leaned into Curtis and whispered, "do you wanna sneak out?"
he looked at me guiltily and was like, "uh huh"... so we waited until all the ushers made their way to the front and we snuck out the back. it was fantastic - our hearts were both pounding and we laughed all the way home.
we then had an early lunch and made our way to the pool for an afternoon of relaxation. the water was cool and the sun was hot. i could've stayed all day, but he's not as much of a sun-worshipper as i am, so we left after about 2 1/2 hours. {i see now that that was probably a good call, as i am a tad toasty and pink}
after the pool we came home and went on a bike ride that got cut short, but i did get to brake in my new handle bars and bike basket - no more racing handlebars for me. and i am now the proud owner of a bike with a wicker basket. i've dreamed about this day for years.
after the humid bike ride, we showered and watched some of the PGA as we cooled off while huddled around our one downstairs window ac unit. but it did the trick and soon we were making dinner plans to meet my dad at our favorite thai restaurant - lemongrass. we had the entire patio to ourselves and it was nice. bright flowers and great food. pad thai for me and curry for curtis.
and now, here i am, along in the ac uploading photos, blogging and doing laundry as the two boys go see a "man movie".
it has been a good day - and it's not even over yet...

more soon about our county fair adventures yesterday!


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