Monday, July 13, 2009

thoughts on pain

after almost two weeks of being migraine free, i've had two back-to-back migraines that have kicked my butt.
i had gotten spoiled and forgotten the pain that had woven itself into the fabric of my almost everyday life.

the first came on friday - crept up as we stood as witnesses at my friend's wedding. needless to say, the night was cut short as i rode, sicker than sick, on the long one and a half hour trek home from the reception.

the second came before bed last night and lingered and worsened through today.
i took a sick day and didn't start feeling better until late afternoon.
after feeling good for so long (two weeks is a long time for a girl that usually is in pain at least every other day or two)
the pain reminds me of the blessing of health.
it reminds me of my dependance, on family and friends and faith.
migraines are an integral part of who i am, and although i wouldn't be too sad to see them disappear altogether from my life,
i am aware of the fact that they are, in their own odd way, a blessing.


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