Wednesday, July 8, 2009

second half of the day

this is what my dinner looked like tonight.

who knew spaghetti squash could be so awesome.
this was my first time making it and i must say, it was just as good as pasta.
i cooked it in the microwave at a friend's suggestion and then sauteed the stringy flesh in a bit of olive oil, garlic and a little diced onion. i then stirred in some parmesan cheese and then topped with tomato sauce and fresh basil.
it was delectable, and my only regret was that i had noone to share it with.

then since i had a ton of sauce and fresh basil left over, i defrosted a pizza dough and made a couple mini margarita pizzas.

it was an italian feast, my fingers still smell like basil and the roof of my mouth is burned from all the steaming hot cheese.

this definitly makes up for a crappy day


Quiet Oasis said...

do you have a favorite tomato sauce or pizza dough? Those are my two things I haven't found favorites of yet. And am too lazy to make my own. :)

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