Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a morning person

The sound of the press pot in the morning.

There is no sweeter sound this morning.

After a four day break from all caffeine,

and three migraines later, the sound and steam and smell of the

coffee filling my cup was a very welcome sight.


After five years void of all caffeine in my life, last month,

in an effort to keep my sanity – and my eyelids open – at work,

I started drinking one cup of coffee when I got to work every morning.

Then it turned to one cup in the morning and one cup at about 3pm when I hit my daily brick wall.

It went no further – unlike in college – when Curtis would force-feed me cup after cup of coffee in an effort to survive class and study and work and wedding planning.


But last week I decided I again didn't like the feeling of "needing" coffee to survive. And although my migraines were at an all-time low the past month or two, I again, stopped caffeine cold turkey last Friday.


Well, four days and three migraines later, I am convinced that a little caffeine added to my morning routine has really helped my migraines. So here I sit this morning, at my desk, a steaming cup of coffee - one cream, no sugar – next to me and I am happy, the fog of yesterday is gone (the 11 hours I slept last night didn't hurt) and I am once again, a morning person.


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