Friday, July 17, 2009

a letter of introduction

Dear Matthios,

This morning your mom and dad left to come get you. You probably aren't aware of this fact yet, but you are one very lucky little boy. These parents of yours were picked especially for you and I promise you, you will not be disappointed. They are as good as they come and have prayed for you and waited for you from the time before you were even born. And now, after all the waiting, they’re on their way to bring you home.

I wish I could be there myself, for the moment when the three of you step off that plane, to see you and hug you and introduce myself. But because i cannot be there, this is my introduction to you.

I am not technically related, but in my heart your family is my family. Your momma is like my sister, so I guess, that makes you my nephew. That also makes Haven, your sister, my niece. You will love her too; she’s a riot and there is no little girl I know with a bigger heart. You guys will be fast friends, of that I am sure.

I stand with a large group of people – both your family and friends that are anxious to meet you. We’ve prayed for you, and have stood by your parents' side as they prepare to travel across the world to get you. And now they’re off – to your first home – Ethiopia – to meet you and bring you back to your next home – Ohio.

And I for one, can’t wait. I can’t stop thinking about you this week – your big brown eyes and creamy dark skin. And I keep hoping that you'll get chubby on your momma’s cooking and sleep soundly in your new big boy bedroom and make a smooth transition and realize how many people love you and want to watch you grow up knowing you are loved and were picked special to be a part of the Zeune family.

Like I said, you are one lucky little boy.

{And I'm sure you're momma and poppa won't mind me showing everyone just how cute you are...i can't wait to see a picture of you smiling and laughing...soon enough}

*If you'd like to follow the Zeune's adoption journey, visit their adoption blog {here}.


Quiet Oasis said...

this makes me want to cry. He's sooooo adorable. Wow.

Kate said...

I just got to read it. Love you and can't wait for M to meet his Aunt Jess!

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