Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the lake house

it started with waking up early on a Saturday morning

it was a pleasant and sunny drive with my first stop at Krispy Kreme

it was a blueberry donut and iced coffee

it was navigating through a quaint lakeside community until we found the house

it was a white house with the same red flowers I planted in my front yard

it was on the beach and

it was windy

it was a trip to the town grocery store

it was a sandwich lunch of catching up and getting reacquainted

it was laying on the beach in the late afternoon

it was goose bumps and wind and sweatshirts

it was an evening bbq of pulled pork and lots of strangers

it was sitting and talking with sweet elderly folks and

it was watching the sunset over the lake wrapped in blankets

it was taking pictures of the fireworks on the beach and heading inside before they were over

it was fold out couches that pushed us together

it was an early morning Tim Horton’s coffee run (my first)

it was a home-cooked breakfast of eggs and sausage and fresh cantaloupe, strawberries and blueberries

it was putting on bathing suites and heading back to the water

it was finishing a very long book and starting another

it was jet skiis pulling intertubes and witnessing grandy putting us to shame

it was kabobs on the grille for lunch

it was sunburns and showers and repacking suitcases

it was long hugs and running out the door to catch flights and highways

it was a late dinner stop at wendy’s for cheeseburgers and French fries

it was unloading the car as the light faded

it was picking up the pooch and visiting with our favorite doggie sitters and

it was crawling into bed early, exhausted, red and happy.


Kate said...

sounds just about perfect to me...

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