Wednesday, July 8, 2009

first half of the day

The day started out so well. I got to work earlier than usual and was trucking through the morning with exceptional efficiency – that is, until about 10am.

It started when I knocked over a cup of coffee that was sitting on my desk and watched it spill down my left leg.

Never again will I drink coffee with white pants on.

I kind of freaked out when it happened – to an outsider my moan was probably a bit of an overreaction, but

I spent years searching for the perfect pair of white pants. Long enough to wear with heels, not see-through…you know the drill.

And I finally found them last year at Nordstroms and I was not going to let a little cup of coffee ruin them at work.

So I scrubbed with water and then used up an entire tide to-go pen in an attempt to remove the stains…

And you know what, it didn’t do too bad of a job.

I was ready to take an early lunch and head all the way home to get them in the wash – but I didn’t even end up needing to. Except for a slight tinge of beige, they don’t look too bad actually, and no one but me would probably even notice.

Since then I’ve had the most discombobulated and disjointed day today.

I’ve been distracted and disoriented, day-dreamy and antsy.

Then five o’clock hit and I was ready to start my evening.

I took a deep breath as I headed out the door and was adamant about not letting my day carry over into my evening.

So far it has worked.


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