Saturday, July 18, 2009

anthropologie addict

I just remembered how much I miss anthropologie. It hits me every so often – maybe twice a year. Once around Christmas time when I’m looking for the perfect gifts for all the women in my life (wishing I still had that amazing discount) and once every so often, at a random moment, like today.

Somehow I came across the {anthropologie addict blog} and now I am just drooling with delight.

I could go on and on, like I do every so often, but I’ll spare you and tell you to go check out the recently revamped {} and see for yourself.

If it rains all weekend like it's supposed to, I might just have to go take a little fieldtrip for myself and check out the new fall line as I swoon and slap my own hand back because I can no longer afford the anthropologie way of life.

I melt now.

{image via anthropologie addict}


Quiet Oasis said...

What, you can't afford $2200 for a lamp?! :)

Off to check out more and dream of hitting the lottery....

Jess said...

I'm more of a $2100 lamp girl! :)

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