Tuesday, June 30, 2009

we will never have this time again

summer nights, originally uploaded by me.

As my work by day becomes increasingly intense and overwhelming,
my nights have become filled with creativity and daydreaming -
for a longing to sit at dusk – until daylight,
making, creating, watching, growing, reading and writing.

The last week or so I have become entranced by images-
my own and those I stumble across by chance.
Flickr is my new homepage, and as I begin the process
to upload my entire collection for safe keeping, I recall the past, and
remember to live in each moment and look forward to the future,
whatever it may bring.

I had become so preoccupied in the waiting and hoping and wishing -
forgetting the present in anticipation for what was to come, I had
forgotten what a gift this day can be.
So I slow down, breath steady, remember and recall –

We will never have this time again.
We will never have this time again.


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