Wednesday, June 17, 2009

three years and counting

we bought dresses
and diamonds and bubbles
ate cake and wavered over
rare filet and roast chicken
white cake or lemon
(we went with lemon)

chose our song,
our colors
our first bed

we licked stamps
filled tins with candy
sweated over guest lists and seating

we filled registries
and wrote thank you notes
and love letters

we chose tuxes and
bought earrings and bracelet and

we went tanning
read books
bought bedding and flights out of the country

we found an apartment
and found each other at the end of the aisle.

Preparing for a moment
a time of vadiation
a kiss in time

Three years ago.
We prepared for so long.
Now we’re in the ever after.

Happy anniversary my love.


Kate said...

it was a beautiful day...

and you two have a beautiful life together.

happy anniversary!

Quiet Oasis said...

What a great "poem" and awesome picture!

Quiet Oasis said...
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