Saturday, June 20, 2009

summer reading

I have quite the summer reading list accumulating in a stack on the bottom of my book shelf. There’s nothing quite like slipping into soft, cool sheets, right after a refreshing shower, hair sopping wet, fresh face and lotioned skin and turning to the page where the flap has been folded over to mark where you left off.

A few nights ago I finished “Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen” by Julie Powell. It’s the true story of one woman’s quest to find herself while cooking through Julia Child’s famous cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.”

It was a week overdue at the library, which means I was being a bad library patron by keeping it longer than allowed, thus holding up the queue. But I was enjoying it and wanted to finish before returning it (which I promptly did before work the next morning) .

Next in line to finish, because of course, I never read just one book at a time, is Miranda Joy’s book of stories called “Noone Belongs Here More Than You,” which is a tender look at love in all of its inconsistencies and delusions. A little dark, a little funny and a lot of humanness in a handful of very different yet very similar stories. I’m three quarters of the way done already, and hope to be finished with both by the weekend. There’s nothing better than starting a fresh novel on a weekend, with time to spare, to slip away, to make you forget that Monday is on its way.


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