Monday, June 1, 2009

Morse Code of the Heart

Morse Code of the Heart
by Christina Rosalie
from {mytopography}

You are there in the field of tall grass,
your shoulders hunched

and I am inside at the table by the bowl of daffodils,
trying to do other things

while in a tall dead maple
the woodpecker knocks

and we are both hearing this,
even though you say ‘I want to be alone’

and leave through the screen door banging
and walking away from me

I know where you are
I’ve been there too, a fierce dry sorrow making my throat swell,

still I climb the stairs and find you across the field
wearing orange like a small flame

everything could tip right now, we both know this
but I keep feeling like there isn’t anything we can do

except kneel and give thanks,
except pray as we listen to the woodpecker’s

morse code of the heart.


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