Monday, June 1, 2009

grand intentions

I had such grand intentions…

remember {this post}

the idea that joy comes in threes… in three things done in procession…
and so I set out, after may had started, to find joy in three seemingly simple tasks.

Daily things...
waking up early to read over breakfast
ending the day with my journal

weekly things…
giving away

with a lofty monthly goal of keeping promises and keeping my word.

I had such grand expectations,
and if might’ve been my confidence that was my demise.
that or a trip across the border into Canada for a long weekend that through me off track.
but if I’m honest, I had failed well before last weekend.

So there it is,
stating goals on a blog is not a guarantee of success
so for those more lofty goals that I have for myself I will keep silent
on this, my blackboard to the universe…

And I just may try to carry these three into june…
as my summertime resolutions and give myself just one. more. chance.


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