Saturday, June 20, 2009

fire pitting it

At the end of last summer we almost bought a fire pit.

But we opted against it, and it moved down the list of priorities in terms of our wants vs. needs.

{by August we had also just splurged to hire a painter to do the final coat of paint on our house}

So, needless to say, we almost got a fire pit last year.

Until last Friday night. I had a girls bowling night schedules with some friends, so I left in a tizzy, thinking Curtis would make plans of his own. Fast forward.

I get home at about 10:30, pull in the driveway and see candles lit on the sun porch. He’s standing there, grinning and behind him sits a large wrapped gift, and a card, and some fresh cut flowers from our yard.

It is an early anniversary gift. I open it. It’s a firepit. I squeal – exhausted.

Wanting to just go to bed, I knew that wasn’t an option…so he assembled, and I took pictures as he made a fire.

We pulled chairs up, warmed our feet, made smores and talked late into the night. It was a good night, an early anniversary – a prelude to our real anniversary – that wasn’t quite as romantic or mellow or quiet.

It is our life. It is a good life.


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