Tuesday, June 23, 2009

entertainment anyone?

On Saturday, we splurged and bought ourselves our first ever entertainment apparatus. Since our first place, we have been using a horrible, hand-me-down, particle board little cabinet for our tv...it was supposed to only be temporary, but before we knew it, years had passed and we never replaced it...that is, until Saturday. This might seem like a lame thing to post about, but if you were looking at the ugly piece of "furniture" (and i say furniture loosely) that you would know why i was so excited. I just spent 20 minutes searching for a photo of our old one, and it wasn't surprising to me that i had not one picture of the piece of crap. So, here you go, after hours spent assembling it, i think it's a beauty. And although it draws attention to the humble-sized tv, we don't mind...maybe in a few more years, we'll be able to afford one that fits.


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