Monday, May 11, 2009

tulip love

on friday i stayed home sick from work.
i don't know if what i'm suffering from are allergies, a cold or the swine flu that's traveling the globe, but by friday i had had enough and needed a break.
by the afternoon i was feeling decent and it was a beautiful day outside so i grabbed my camera and the leash and took mea on a walk.
it was so nice out a walk around the block turned into a couple mile walk to my mom's house in the next city over.
mea was a a great companion as we strolled down the walking path to shaker road.

i'm so glad i brought my camera, because no one has believed me that there is a house on my mom's street that is amazing. with a full time crew working in her yard daily, the fruits of their labor are sure paying off.
a little over the top i admit, but parts are reminiscent of english gardens from far across the pond. my mom even told me that she's even rented out her backyard for wedding ceremonies...

i *heart* tulip season


Quiet Oasis said...

That is freakin amazing. I'm not sure its possible to be too over-the-top with tulips. I wish that were my yard. Puts my ONE tulip to shame.

Jess said...

well i'm jealous, because i dont even have one!

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