Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This past Saturday I finally woke up feeling like myself again. After an almost two week long sinus infection that felt more like the flu, I was ready to kick life back into high gear and start the landscaping in the backyard.

Saturday was a chilly/ rainy day, but I was determined to make a dent in the backyard.

Luckily my mom was just as motivated as I was, so after uprooting some of her hastas and wart worth we drove them over to my house to do a little re-purposing.

Wet and muddy, we spent over an hour planting a few small beds with a nice mix of the two. Then, even more energized and possibly on an adrenaline high, we decided to dig up all of my leftover hastas that were lining the driveway and replant them so they would be in a pattern.

The normal side to us knew this was crazy, but our anal sides that love symmetry and patterns did it anyways.

Green then striped, green and striped, and on and on. We set them all on the driveway, rearranged them, then re-planted – all within a half hour I think. By that time, my energy was used up and I was suddenly feeling lightheaded and dizzy. This probably wasn’t the best task to do straight off my deathbed, so I sat for a minute then was back to work, hosing off the driveway, sweeping dirt and putting away tools and hoses.

It was a productive afternoon, that’s for sure – and hopefully the backyard grass will grow as fast as the front yard is…this is going to be a good looking yard if I have anything to do with it!

{more "after" photos to come}


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