Thursday, May 28, 2009

{my topography}

last night I re-stumbled over this blog and wanted to share…

                    {my topography}

She has a great way with words and has also

scattered some lovely poetry and prose throughout her blog…

actually, most of it is poetry and prose I guess, with a scattering of other things…


Today is a muggy day,

the air is thick and humid and hot

and right now I am wishing I was in shorts on my sun porch,

a condensating glass of iced tea on the table next to me,

dripping with the sweat of ice cubes, rings on glass tables,

finishing the poem I started two days ago.


Maybe tonight,

in between grocery shopping and tanning (a birthday gift, bad for me, I know)

and dinner making and bill paying

I will finish that poem and post it on here…

Maybe, or maybe not.



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