Wednesday, May 13, 2009

miranda july

i don't know much about Miranda July, but i read some snippets of her writing today and i think i'm going to try to get her book of short stories out of the library. it's called "Noone Belongs Here More Than You Do"

I'm not sure if these selections are from that book or not, but they loved me, so i will pass them on...

"Don't wait to be sure. Move, move, move."

"There was no apology in her eyes, no love or caring. But she saw me, I existed, and this lifted the beams off my shoulders. It takes so little."

"Live ivy, we grow where there is room for us."

"He reached around and pulled me down onto his back and I lay there, like on the warm sand of a beach. Just that. That is all there is. That is the whole point of everything."

"I was never good at jumping in, letting go of one element and embracing another. I could stand there all day, letting the other kids go in front of me forever."

"I was actually just standing there in love. I was not even really standing; if she had walked away suddenly, I would have fallen."

"You seem incredibly far away to me, like someone on the other side of a lake. A dot so small that it isn't male or female or young or old, it is just smiling."


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