Thursday, May 28, 2009

kate's cups

I didn’t get very many gifts for my birthday this year…which I’m absolutely fine with…
It was all about quality, not quantity as I ushered in my 27th year…
Can you tell I’m growing up, getting wiser with age?
Everyone chipped in to help me purchase my long-awaited, highly-coveted new digital Cannon Rebel camera.

One gift that I did get, however, was from {kate}

let me start by saying she knows me…very well,
but with this gift I don’t think she really had to rack her brain too much.

A few months ago I “hinted” at a line of products at Target by Orla Keily…
I never ended up buying myself any of it and had forgotten about them,
so when a box showed up on my doorstep holding these cups,
I squealed with delight.

So, …thank you kate…
For your friendship and your talent for giving just the right gift…
…even when I don’t give not-so-subtle hints!

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