Thursday, May 7, 2009

{find + joy}

This is what sheri + shari had to say on their site {this joy + ride}


“ for the month of may

let’s make a commitment to reconnect with joy.

we’re not just saying “snap out of it and get joyful!”

but let’s make a promise to practice joy

even when we aren’t feeling that joyful. “


here are the rules:


~make a list of 3 attainable things that give you daily joy

~open your calendar

~find a place on your calendar to fit each joy

~set your own joy pace, but we suggest once or twice a week, at least


…so now I sit and think…

I will not go about these three lightly.

I want to stick with them…for the last 24 days of the month at least…



::1:: I will wake up an hour earlier than normal. Get ready as quick as I usually do, then read a book over breakfast before leaving for work.


::2:: I will write in my journal on a nightly basis. Whether it’s one sentence or one page, I will reflect on the day before ending it.


::3:: I will give one thing away each week…chosen specifically for someone else, whether it be a blouse or a book, I will pare down by being generous.



Now it’s your turn.


{I would love to hear what your three things are; so if you do this too, leave me a comment…let’s inspire each other towards joy}


find +joy.






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