Thursday, May 28, 2009


My love of books has been made clear before…

But I don’t think I’ve ever proclaimed, via the blog, of my love for all things color-coded…

Closets, bookshelves, shoes, magazines…

This is a habit that I admire but have yet to employ except for the rare occasion that my closet is organized.

So, when I saw this post on the {beach bungalow 8} blog, I was literally drooling onto my laptop.

What’s better than color-coded bookshelves…?

This is what I aspire to – that is, when I have my at-home library, complete with a rolling ladder and leather reading chair and reading lamp. {a girl can dream can’t she?}


Here’s a taste, but to see more incredible images, visit {here}...i promise, you won’t regret it.



~shannon~ said...

that does look pretty cool!

BlueBerry Pick'n said...

are they slipcovered?

or do you have to remember the binding/cover colour to retrieve the book??

Jess said...

i'm pretty sure they are the real book jackets... pretty aren't they?!

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