Wednesday, April 15, 2009

when i knew...

Most days I listen to NPR while I work.

Either that or I put my ear buds in my ears with no radio or music playing, to look like I am, just so I won’t be bothered while I’m writing away.

While listening to NPR today, a writer was being interviewed by Neil Cohen and they were asking callers to call in to tell of the moment that they knew they wanted to be a writer.

I could’ve called in.
I know my story.

I remember the day in highschool, my sophomore year, to be exact.
I had torn my ACL, and after having surgery I was ordered to skip gym class for the rest of the year,
so instead, I would make my way to the library to share study hall with the ninth graders.

I would sit in the back, at a desk hidden by a large computer and I would
scribble poems in the back of my notebook.

Daily this became a habit and throughout the day I would eagerly wait for eighth period, where I could write.
No one knew I was a blooming poet – that would’ve been embarrassing, as an athlete – a "popular" kid.
So when the bell rang after study hall every afternoon, I would tear the sheets of miserable poetry out of my notebook, fold them as small as they would fold, and stick them in my pocket, to later transcribe into the poetry journal I began to keep that year. I wanted to take away the chance that a friend would snag my notebook and see my scribbling.

I kept a poetry journal for many years…
Through high school, through traveling through England and Tanzania, through the beginnings of college…
I kept a poetry journal until I changed my major from early childhood education to creative writing.
A brave move – one that I am yet to regret.
It was then that I started to take my writing seriously.
I graduated from journals to a mac.
And microsoft word became my electronic journal.

I still write with pen and paper before saving on my laptop.
I find that inspiration flows through ink far easier than the click click click of keys.

But I write.
I still write.

And that was when I knew.


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