Wednesday, April 8, 2009

pretty as a picture

this just makes me happy!
who knew knobs could be so beautiful.

i saw this image {here} and immediately started drooling.
i worked at anthropologie for over three years, and although i complained and moaned and nursed sore feet and on a daily basis,
i really did love that store.

you walk in and are taken breathless by the decor, the surroundings, the vignettes as they call them -
the rooms that tell a story, of women and mystery and delights.
inspiration used to flood through me from the moment my shift would start.
maybe even before.
from the way i dressed {much riskier, funkier, more romantic}
to the wonderfully creative women that i worked with.

i remember showing up to a shift oneday, only to be told that i would be sorting knobs and
switching out the birdseed that they had been placed on, to live moss brought in just to lay them on.
so i spent the afternoon, on the floor, scooping out birdseed and swapping it for the soft green ground covering.
some would have loathed this task, but i didn't mind.
i liked getting to the chance to hold each knob in my hands...from the turquoise to the stone, thinking to myself oneday, oneday these would grace all of my doors.

you know, i never bought a single knob from anthropologie. and that's okay.

that store had flavor, that's for sure.
and although i couldn't afford much - on a college girl's salary -
the pieces i do own hold special meaning.
from the skirts to the journals and everything in between -

i think now i'm far enough from that time in my life to say -
i miss that place.


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