Wednesday, April 8, 2009

orla love

there’s this one purse that Anthropologie used to sell and I have lusted over it ever since.
It was the pattern I think – the sideways tear drop/colorful retro leaf motif –
and the colors, not quite primary – but dirtier, deeper.

{Orla Kiely}

and I had forgotten about it, until I saw that she had come out with a home line for Target

then I was at the checkout and the woman behind me was carrying THE PURSE – my Orla Kiely purse.
and now I am infatuated all over again.
not because I want the purse so bad, but because I love her prints, and patterns and the whimsy and humor that I find in most of her work.
…because even if I had an extra $175 lying around – you know and I know I wouldn’t drop it on a purse…
but I would make a Target run and no doubt leave with a cartful of goodness just for me – that may, or may not include a few Orla Kiely dishes, or teatowels.

{photos via iloveorla&apartment therapy:ny}


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