Monday, April 6, 2009

looking forward too...

It's snowing tonight and i'm frustrated.
what a tease it was - day after day of sunshine and warmer weather...
but colder temps one more time where inevitable - i've lived in cleveland long enough to know this.
here are the things i'm looking forward to tonight, as i'm curled on the couch in sweats and a cold nose...

The sound of ice clinking in a glass

Freckles on my nose and cheeks

Margaritas on the patio

Sleeping soundly to the breeze coming in through an open window

Sundays at the pool

Feet with tan lines

Falling asleep with wet hair that soaks the pillowcase and keeps me cool throughout the night

Crickets beckoning the sun to go down


~shannon~ said...

i too love to go to sleep with wet hair for that very same reason!
brian thinks i'm weird for liking that!

i will have to tell him i am NOT the only one in the world!

Walking in the rain said...

i too have to admit i like the feeling too :) we're kindered spirits i guess, ladies!

Jess said...

boys just don't understand - plus i HATE blowdrying my hair. i'd literally rather fold laundry than blowdry in the summer

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