Saturday, April 18, 2009

half-way through, book review

I'm reading “the red tent” with a weight on my shoulders-
Like a weighted blanked – both heavy and comforting.
Knowing that the weight of child-bearing was familiar even to women of old.
Of the past.
From Sarah and Rachel of the old testament to queens of England,
To my aunts and girlfriends,
to myself.

There are those that find themselves with child easily
No weight of ever longing on their shoulders.
They create easily and without worry.
Can count the days and weeks and find it a carefree process.

Then there was Rachel. Who watched Leah and her other sisters
Give birth over and over until oneday she gave birth to joseph
Long-awaited, longed for...she knew long-suffering
Over many years.
But the lord heard her cry and granted her a son.

This book does not tell my story, not even close,
but it shares a desire to join the long line of women back through generations -
my mother, my grandmother -
to Rachel -
to Eve.


Marisa said...

it's exciting to be on the cusp of such a grand adventure, isn't it?

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