Thursday, April 30, 2009


I came across this word today and the mere look of it made me happy.
It’s such a splendid word.
Who doesn’t like a good feast?

It conjures images of great kings, goblets and human-sized chicken legs,
Wine dripping from lips, and laughter.

I’ve read numerous books over the course of the last year – with stories set in the era of nobility. for a while i was quite obsessed with the queens and kings of England.
Of the Henry’s and Georges. The Elizabethan era I think it may be called.
{I should know this, I was, after all, an English Lit major}

And boy, did they love their feasts.

{Feast} definition:
Banquet; a ceremonial dinner party for many people.

I think this summer I want to host a {feast}.

Not a dinner party.
Not a potluck…
A full blown {Feast}.

complete with goblets and big rings.
mingling and music.
wine and plenty of feasting.

It’s going to be amazing…


A {Feast} for palette,
and for soul.


Let the planning begin


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